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Hotel RedRoyal

 Seven-stored Red Royal Hotel is situated in the centre of Krasnodar city.

There are 40 top quality rooms with minimum area of 36 square metres.

Red Royal Hotel is business oriented and provides the necessary work conditions for businessmen.

There is nothing more permanent than the change of regnant dynasties and houses. The most different persons come to the throne but the only thing remains – the desire to mount the throne in order to feel at last kingly. We want you to satisfy this natural desire not resorting to coups d"etat, plots and intrigues. The simplest thing to feel kingly is to stay at one of the most beautiful Red Royal hotel rooms. Red Royal is the only four-star hotel in Krasnodar with unique interiors, highly qualified personnel and remarkable VIP-services. The only thing required from you is to confess yourself that you deserve royal luxury. To be in Krasnodar and not to stay at Red Royal hotel is the same as to go to Egypt and not to see pyramids or being in France not to mount Eiffel Tower. Welcome to kingdom of exquisite comfort! We are always open for you!

238 Krasnyh Partizan, Krasnodar, Russia 350020
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